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Costa Rica t-shirts designed on the beaches of Guanacaste and shipped to your door in the US.

It happens, putting off picking up souvenirs until the end of your vacation. Sometimes, you are having so much fun you totally forget to shop. You check out the souvenir shop in the airport but the prices are outrageous. Then you board the plane, sad to be leaving Costa Rica. Also bummed to be going home without a souvenir from your trip. You think, “I’ll just order some things online when I get home.” Unfortunately, due to high shipping costs, you find that there aren’t many Costa Rican companies online that ship to the US.

Costa Rica t-shirts for men

Costa Rica t-shirts for women

In an effort to solve this problem, we’ve created Costa Rica Tees.

Thanks to POD (print on demand) technology, we can design t-shirts for you in Costa Rica. Then have them printed and shipped to you affordably in the US. 

We have a wide selection of unique Costa Rica t-shirt designs for men, women and kids. We are constantly coming up with fresh designs, be sure to check back soon to see what we’re up to! 





Don’t forget to check out our newest product line – coffee mugs! Costa Rica has the some of the tastiest coffee in the world and our mugs make the perfect gift for any coffee lover.  

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Who We Are: Why Costa Rica t-shirts?

We have lived on the beaches of Guanacaste for the past 7 years, traveling and exploring the entire country. We had plans to travel and see more of the great big world but Costa Rica just keep feeling like home so we stayed! It seems that even when we do decide to travel, we’re never able to stay away from Costa Rica for too long.

We always heard that if you “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We decided to take that advice and now here we are making Costa Rica t-shirts and souvenirs. We have truly fallen in love with Costa Rica and we love making products for people who think it’s as special as we do. 

Thanks for stopping by – we are so happy you are here. Pura vida!